About us

We are a small farm in the Koroška region, located near Slovenj Gradec. Our main occupations through history were stockbreeding and agriculture, so we produced our own food.

Due to the hilly terrain, we did not produce a lot, but enough for our own needs. Our late grandfather Martin Knez and our grandmother Ljudmila Knez had made their mark and history on our farm with hard work and perseverance. My parents, Ida Knez Dobnik and Stanislav Dobnik, helped them as well. Together, they developed our farm.

After the death of my grandfather and my take-over of the farm, it was time to make some changes. My wife, Sabina, and I saw that certain things could be produced in a much easier way with more benefit.


We produce fruit and vegetable juices, and provide services for fruit and vegetable processing.

The Milestone Year 2013

In 2013, aronia kind of became a new challenge to us. It somehow stood out, since it is rather easy to produce and for its healing effects. Therefore, it seemed to my wife and me that it is the most appropriate for us. We told our families what we were about to do. They were not for or against the idea; they let us make our own decision. It turned out, it was the right idea, and today aronia thrives well and bears every day. There is still plenty of feed for the livestock, so we can all do our own jobs. We now process fruit juices that we also sell, and improve our farm life this way.

A Short History of Aronia

Aronia appeared in Slovenia for the first time in 1992, when the first plantations of this fruit appeared as well. At that time, it was used as a colorant or as an additive to other juices, since it has a very strong red colour. Through the years, the purchase price dropped drastically, so it was mostly cut down, mostly retained as individual shrubs in front of houses for decoration and birds.

Aronia Today

Today, we talk about aronia differently. Many healing effects were found; it prevents many diseases, improves the immune system, helps to remove heavy metals from the body, it regulates blood sugar, improves eyesight, etc.

Of course, we should not consume too much of it. Aronia is used as a medicine, since it belongs to the group of medicinal plants. If we consume too much of it, it can be detrimental.